The capsuling process also offers many customisation options. The capsules we produce include all sizes common in the food sector; from the large 000 capsules to the smaller 3 capsules. What’s more, the capsules can be made from various raw materials. You could opt for gelatine capsules and plant-based capsules, making the capsules suitable for vegetarians too. We also supply softcaps: soft capsules filled with an oily substance. You could also choose gastro-resistant capsules that only deliver their active substance in the intestines.

The default options are white or transparent capsules. We also have a wide palette of colours available, allowing you to design your own capsule. In addition, NUVITA offers the unique option of several flavours for your capsule, including coffee, peppermint or strawberry flavours, to name but a few.

We work with various new machines for capsuling raw materials, both semi-automated and fully automated. This means we can produce fast and supply large batches. We buy in bulk, so that we can offer a competitive price and hold stock of many products.

A list of our options:

- All conventional sizes
- Various raw materials available for production
- Colour combinations to be decided by you
- Softcaps
- Optional gastro-resistance
- Fast delivery in large batches at a competitive price

NUVITA likes to work closely with you to meet your capsuling requirements. We will achieve the most suitable solution, together with you.

Our process

NUVITA provides a comprehensive solution for your food supplements. Click on one of our processes to see more information.


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For more than 20 years, NUVITA has been a reliable partner for tabletting, capsuling, coating and packaging food supplements.

NUVITA provides a comprehensive solution for your food supplements, from A to Z.