Packaging your product is the last step in the production process. Correct packaging not only ensures a professional look for your product, it also serves to protect the contents. NUVITA can look after every aspect of your packaging.

For many powder products, bottles or pots are the most suitable end packaging, but our containers are also great for tablets, capsules and liquids. Our assortment of containers varies from 50 ml containers to the larger 5 litre containers. We ensure that your container bears the correct label and can be sealed correctly. This could include a sealed edge or an induction seal. Furthermore, an induction seal can be combined with tamper-evident fastening, so that a sealed product is always easily recognisable.

Cardboard packaging
We can also supply cardboard packaging. We have the necessary bulk materials to provide packaging all the way to the outer carton. The same goes: depending on your wishes, we would be pleased to get involved and work together to create a solution for your packaging requirements.

Our process

NUVITA provides a comprehensive solution for your food supplements. Click on one of our processes to see more information.


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For more than 20 years, NUVITA has been a reliable partner for tabletting, capsuling, coating and packaging food supplements.

NUVITA provides a comprehensive solution for your food supplements, from A to Z.